Barley Field Day

The Barley Field Day for the 13th International Barley Genetics Symposium will take place in Priekuļi, near the town of Cēsis approximately 100 km from Riga at the Priekuļi Research Centre of the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI).

IBGS 13 Barley Field Day July 7th 2022, AREI, Priekuļi, Latvia

10.00 am-14.00pm


IBGS 13 Barley Field Day

10.00    Arrival to the field, coffee

10.30    Tour through the nurseries in groups of around 25 persons

12.30    Free time to go back to the most interesting material

13.00    Lunch

14.00    Departure to Cēsis


I Small sample demos submitted by participants (1-2 rows):

  1. Different groups of induced Swedish Mutants. Originally submitted by Udda Lundqvist, Nordic Genetic Resource Centre – 28 entries (ordered from NGB)
  2. Mutant lines from the collection of Michele Stanca. Alessandro Tondelli – CREA, Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Italy – 116 entries
  3. OWB Doubled Haploid lines, submitted by Michele Stanca, Alessandro Tondelli – 73 entries
  4. CGIAR Barley Breeding Toolbox, Miguel Sanchez-Garcia – 200 entries
  5. Chromosome Walk, suggested and provided by Jerry Franckowiak – 99 entries
  6. ICARDA nurseries (Lebanon):

6.1. IBON-22 The International Barley Observation Nursery – 112 entries

6.2. IBYT-FFM-22 International Barley Yield Trial for Feed Forage and Malt in Favorable Environments – 21 entries, 2 reps

6.3. IBYT-ASA-22 International Barley Yield Trial for Arid and Semi-Arid regions – 22 entries, 2 reps

 II Large plot demos (6.5 m2) – around 5 lines submitted per participant: 

  1. Ackermann Saatzucht GmbH & Co. KG, GERMANY (Susanna Boxberger)
  2. Estonian Crop Research Institute, ESTONIA (Ülle Tamm)
  3. University of Guelph, Ontario & University of Saskatchewan, CANADA (Duane Falk & Aaron Beattie)
  4. ICARDA, Rabat, MOROCCO (Miguel Sanchez-Garcia)
  5. KWS LOCHOW GMBH, GERMANY (Klaus Oldach)
  6. AREI, LATVIA & University of Copenhagen, DENMARK (cooperation between Linda Legzdiņa & Soren Rassmussen) Low phytate lines

III Demo of BALTIC barley varieties in chronological order: from the oldest to the newest

  1. LATVIA – 24 varieties
  2. LITHUANIA – 15 varieties
  3. ESTONIA – 10 varieties


IV Barley breeding for organic farming at AREI

V Composite cross populations: research at AREI

The view on demo plots after emergence on May 16th