§1. General provisions

  1. 13th International Barley Genetics Symposium – 2022 takes place July 3rd – 7th, UL Academic Centre, House of Nature, University of Latvia Jelgavas iela 1, in Riga, Latvia. Symposium is organized by Institute of Agricultural Resources and economics (AREI) in co-operation with Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and International Organizing Committee: (IOC)


  1. Registration for the Symposium implies acceptance of the Terms and
  2. The official website of the Symposium is the following: https://www.ibgs.arei.lv.
  3. Conditions of participation in the Symposium are:
    • online registration,
    • confirming registration on your e-mail,
    • making payment,
    • Personal confirmation of your presence at the registration desk on the day of the


  1. Registration for the Symposium can only be made via online registration form on the website:


  1. All registered participants must pay the required registration fees. Registration is considered valid only when AREI has received the payment from the participant.
  2. Please be aware that if the payment for participant who has accepted abstracts will not be completed by 2th of June 2022, the contribution will be cancelled and not inserted into the Book of Abstracts.
  3. All participants are obliged to fill in the payer’s data The Organizer is not responsible for any consequences of providing false and/or incomplete information on the registration form.
  4. Please be aware that students must provided document for confirming student status at arrival.
  5. After successful registration, an automatically generated and sent to your e-mail notification “You have registered onarei.lv. Please click on this verification link “https://ibgs.arei.lv/my-account ………..” to confirm registration.”
  6. After successful confirmed registration you have to go to your https://ibgs.arei.lv/my-account/ log in and proceed to https://ibgs.arei.lv/registration-fee/ make a choice of Registration Fee.
  7. Registrations are only confirmed once the required payment has been received’ will appear.
  8. Final confirmation of participation will be sent to the provided e-mail address once the required payment will be received by AREI.

§3. Fees

  1. Information about fees is posted on the website: https://ibgs.arei.lv/registration-fee/
  2. Participant’s registration fee includes: admission to all sessions, access to sessions records till the end of 2022 Symposium bag and abstract e-book, coffee breaks, lunches, opening party, field day and farewell party, excursion in Cesis.
  3. Remote participation fee includes: admission to all sessions, abstract e-book and access to sessions records till the end of 2022, no possibility for abstract submission nor presentations.
  4. Accompanying person registration fee includes: opening party, field day and farewell party, excursion in Cesis.
  5. Registration fee does not cover the costs of accommodation, travel tickets and transfers (from and to the Airport).
  6. Registration fee depends on type of registration and date of payment.

§4. Payments, Invoices

  1. The following types of payment are available:
    • payment to the Bank account, based on information provided on the Symposium website: https://www.ibgs.arei.lv
    • payment by online payment system (credit card or quick transfer),
  2. All payments should have the following notification: “IBGS13” Name (-s), Surname (-s)”
  3. For summary payment orders, please enclose a full list of names or send a full list of participants to: ibgs13[at]arei.lv
  4. Bank expenses must be covered by the participant.
  5. Invoices will be available at the Symposium website: https://ibgs.arei.lv/my-account/orders/
  6. The date when the transfer has been made (in accordance with the deadlines mentioned in the Registration Fee information tab on the Symposium’s website) will be considered as the date of participant’s registration. Should one deadline be missed, the next applicable fee should be applied
  7. Admission to the Symposium is possible only after making payment.

§5. Cancellation terms and fees refund

  1. Requests for refunds in case of cancellations will be accepted only before June 2, 2022
  2. All Symposium registration cancellations have to be sent by e-mail to the Symposium Organizing Committee: ibgs13[at]arei.lv The date when the e-mail cancellation request was sent is
  3. 20% administrative charge will be applied to refunds.
  4. For cancellation received after June 2, 2022 – no refund will be provided.
  5. No-shows: payment will not be refunded.
  6. Cancellation of accommodation – please contact the hotel directly to ask if it is still possible to cancel your accommodation and get a refund – we cannot guarantee this because each hotel has its own cancellation policy.
  7. Please be advised that refunds will be paid after the Symposium.
  8. Participants have the right to delegate another person to attend the Symposium on their behalf without any extra charge. Notification has to be sent by e-mail to ibgs13[at]arei.lv within 10 working days before the Symposium.

§6. Participant’s duties and responsibilities

 All participants are required to wear their ID badge in a visible location during the Symposium and all accompanying events and show their ID badge on request to the Symposium personnel and security.

  1. Participants have full material liability for damage done by them both on the premises of the facilities where any Symposium activities are conducted and in the Participants’ places of accommodation.
  2. The Organizer is not responsible for Participants’ belongings which may be lost, damaged or stolen during the Symposium.
  3. During the Symposium Participant is obliged to comply with fire and safety regulations at the Symposium venue.

§7. Final provisions

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the Symposium program. The current program is published on the website: https://ibgs.arei.lv/program-2/
  2. If the Symposium does not take place due to reasons dependent solely on the Organizer, the Organizer shall immediately return payments paid by participants to the indicated bank accounts.
  3. The Symposium organizers, participants, accompany persons and other support staff must comply with the regulations of the Latvia Cabinet of Ministers No. 360 “Epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection”.
  4. If the Symposium does not take place due to reasons caused by, „force majeure” Participant shall not be entitled to compensation or refund of any fees associated with participation in the Symposium.
  5. To all matters not settled herein, provisions of the Latvian Civil Law shall apply.
  6. Any disputes that may arise from participation in the Symposium shall be settled by the Arbitration court of the Latvian procedure.
  7. The following Terms and Conditions come into effect on the date of their posting on the website: https://www.ibgs.arei.lv.